The band U-Prag, which has been on the scene since 2002, consists of seven musicians with diverse musical backgrounds. In addition to the electronic component, they work with a wide range of live instruments and experiment without limits, as evidenced by their third album SOME KIND OF MUSIC, released in May 2019. U-Prag has so far released the compilation Work 2002-2007, summarizing their work from the first five years, and the albums 44 thousand actors /in 16 flats/ (2009) and Seconds of Life (2015).
U-Prag are:
Šimon Dvorský - piano, vocals
Daniel Petkevič - percussion, cello
Tomáš Lacina - bass guitar, double bass
Michal Pavlíček - drums
Milan Broum - guitar
Jan Stiborek - percussion, guitar
Jakub Loučka (MC Skiver J) - rap, Djing