THE WHISKEY FOUNDATION, 5-piece blues rock band from Munich, Germany

THE WHISKEY FOUNDATION, a quintett formed around the charismatic singer MURAT KAYDIRMA was found in Munich in 2011.

The band that released ‚Take The Walk’, a widely acclaimed debut album presented in 2013, keeps fascinating - not at least caused by their powerful live performances. Their classic setup of guitar(s), Fender Rhodes / Hammond, bass, drums and vocals/harmonica – and the passion of the five musicians (live and recoreded) form an outstanding sound.

This also counts for their second album ‚Mood Machine’, on which you can hear stilistic excourses into rock music of the late 60ies and early 70ies. Playing the typical sound of this era, they never loose their authentic modern style and keep developing the blues instead of covering it. MOOD MACHINE’s 11 songs can be classified as a mix of rock, blues and psychedelia, somewhere between THE DOORS (Morrison-Hotel-Phase) and THE BLACK KEYS.

In Summer 2015 they excited huge audiences all around Germany as they were supporting the world famous rock legends of AC/DC. In Fall 2015 the band was also invited to open up a few shows for the not less famous band DEEP PURPLE in Czech Republic.

Now, the band is ready to present their third album ‚Blues and Bliss’, which has been released in October 2017. Again, the 8 new songs are borne by MURAT KAYDIRMA’s unique voice and again, the 5 musicians, who know each other for the most of their lives, create an extremly harmonious ensemble. But yet, it is technically more sophisticated - the audience is more than ever reminded of the roots of blues and psychedelic rock, though the music still has its independent and unmistakable touch, which overcomes the boundaries of the past decades.

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