From Madrid(Spain) comes Oferta Especial . OE is a band formed by seven musicians that mix ska, reggae and punk-rock, which They opt for the power and the party above and below the stage, without leave anyone indifferent, a bolt of celebration and commitment.

During this time they presented their project around different countries (Spain,Germany, Belgium, Switzerland ,Greece, France, Hungary, Serbia, Italy, Russia, Poland, Austria, Portugal...), acting both in small clubs and large festivals, demonstrating that can adapt perfectly to every situation. The OE philosophy has been and will always be the love of music and desire to have fun, calling things by their name without mincing words. All the effort is based on keeping alive the dream common to all band members . That dream goes to defend free culture, promote music and denounce injustice to try to change things up a bit. That's why this biography has just saying no to kneel to anyone. Freedom or given or is removed ... it takes!