Electro-pop band „Midi Lidi“ formed in 2006 and was built up around the backbone of the group „The Beautiful Removal Man Gerard & Sexual Furniture“. Up until 2011, the band members were Petr Marek (vocals, electronics, keyboards), Marketa Lisa (vocals, electronics, keyboards, saxophone), Prokop Holoubek (vocals, drums, keyboards, clarinet, guitar) and three visual artists Filip Cenek, Magdalena Hruba and Jan Sramek, all of whom were responsible for creating the live visuals, album covers, posters and T-shirts. In 2011 new permanent member Tomino Kelar (drums, keyboards, vocals, ex Mountaineers (Mute records)) joined in the mayhem along with visual artists Teresa Ruller aka VJ TEXA and Roman Přikryl (Fiordmoss). Marketa Lisa decided to take a break.
2007 saw Midi Lidi release their first album "Cekani na robota" ("Waiting for the robot“) at the Brno based "Xproduction" label. The album was nominated for the Czech 2007 Grammy equivalent „Andel“. With the album's critical success and nation-wide audience appreciation, the band began to tour extensively. In 2009, the band began work on their second release, as well as music for the film "Protektor" (dir. Marek Najbrt). Both albums, "Hastrmans, Tatrmans & Bubáks“ (Xproduction / Malaria) , „Protektor“ (soundtrack, Negativ s. r. o.) were released within a month of each other in the autumn of 2009. The „Protektor“ soundtrack was awarded the prestigious „Cesky lev“ film award and „Hastrmans, Tatrmans & Bubáks“ was again nominated for the „Andel“ music award. Having completed their 70-gig „Bubaks tour", 2010 saw the band pen music to the theatre performances "Krajina se zbrani" (Dejvicke divadlo) and „Ubu se bavi“ (Divadlo Na Zabradli), as well as music to the critically acclaimed documentary film „Czech Peace“ (dir. Vit Klusak and Filip Remunda - music awarded by "Cena ceske filmove kritiky") as well as the 3D movie „Heartbeat 3D“ (dir. Jan Nemec). The band also performed in the film „Marijine“ (directed by Ales and Zeljka Sukova). Midi Lidi's third release „Operace "Kindigo!" was released in the autumn of 2011 (Xproduction) for which they were nominated for the „Apollo“ music award. In 2012 the soundtrack for "Polski film" (d. Marek Najbrt) was again nominated for "Cesky Lev" and "Cena ceske filmove kritiky" film awards. In 2013 music for short film Tram (d. Michaela Pavlatova), based on music for "Protektor" was awarded on couple of film festivals in France. Midi Lidi also made music for films: "Pirating pirates" (d. D. Calek), "Televise bude!" (d. J. Busta) and "Office Blanik" (d. M. Najbrt).
In 2016 MIDI LIDI released their fourth album "Give Masterpiece A Chance!" New VJ DVDJ NNS joined the group and Marketa Lisa returned to touring. 2018 the group created soundtrack for Marek Najbrt's movie Prezident Blaník and collaborated on film score for Ben Tuček's Mars. In 2019 they made music for short animated movie "Wild Beasts". In 2020 the band made a short film „Hemenex“. The titel song became also a digital single. 2021 saw the band releasing two new albums: On June 1st came out „Nikdo se ti nebude smát, když budeš mít The Thing with music video and a contemplative documentary video „Making of Apology“.
The band made also more then 20 remixes, among them Chumbawamba's "El Fusilado". After that Chumbawamba made their own version of Midi Lidi's "Je toho hodne co rich" and used it under the title "The Day the Lady Died" on their "In memoriam Margaret Thatcher" EP.
Midi Lidi are known for their vast touring and appetite for live performances, which are well renowned for their immediate energy. Since the founding of the band, Midi Lidi have played hundreds of concerts in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic as well as Poland, Russia, England, Germany, Spain and Croatia. The band has quickly established itself as a must-see festival band. They performe DJ sets aswell. All current band members are actively involved and respected in various arts within their own country and abroad. On the rapidly growing creative scene in the Czech Republic, Midi Lidi members are respected individually as filmmakers, actors, theatre artists, promoters, visual artists and graphic designers.