A permanent feature of the pARTy ve FRANTIŠKÁNU, which cannot be missed. This time they will also present a new album called VLN∞BYTÍ.

Gaia Mesiah was a revelation on the domestic rock scene until 2008. Marka and her unbridled colleagues Santa Morella and Misha, backed by the uncompromising bass groove of Josh Stewart's incredible energy regularly won over crowds of fans. However, they had to take their cues from the band's breakup until 2016, when Gaia Mesiah rocked the house at Prague's Akropoli and Rock for Churchill, even with Australian bassist Josh. A year later, the original line-up of the band on a successful tour and made it clear that this was no one-off comeback. Then came the offer to record deal, Josh moved from Australia to Prague and it's clear that Gaia Messiah is definitely back, and in full in full force. By 2008, the band had released an eponymous self-titled EP (2003), studio albums Ocean (2005) and Alpha Female (2007) and the live album Thank You Dr. Beat (2008). Earlier this year, the reunited Gaia Messiah checked in with Excellent Mistake, released on Warner Music. In 2019, she released an album titled Refresh In Golden Hive.