Cybergrounds is a Prague IDM group combining electronic tracks with live instruments and robotic vocals.

Dance and experimental band performs with live rhythm, saxophone, many synthesizers and robotic singer Otylka.

The music of Cybergrounds can be described as a divisive soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic film, and the band members themselves describe it as "kind of like Itiotape if they were playing at Aphex Twin's funeral."

The project was founded in 2012 by saxophonist Filip and bassist Ondra with the aim of discovering what electronic instruments could offer to their musical sensibilities. They gradually put together material for an eponymous demo, combining cool electronic surfaces with live instruments. The response was limited, but generally positive. The project therefore continued, the band started performing live and in 2018 released a second demo with the dance track DAZ, the most well-received track at concerts.

After a long search, in early 2019 the band recruited drummer Barney, a former tribal member of Zputnik and Freak Parade. The live drums push the band's sound forward considerably, and the band records "Salt," a cross-section of their work from the beginning to the present.