Tuktuk is Tomík's favourite tricycle, which he likes to ride around the world. On a journey of 9000 km in 111 days, he drove it through colourful South Africa, animal-filled Botswana, Zambia with Victoria Falls, through the most difficult Zambia, cheerful Malawi, huge and tribal-ridden Tanzania, and finally arrived in Uganda, where he parked the vehicle to continue his journey home two years later.

A crazy story, full of incredible experiences that Tommy and his partner and cameraman David encountered along the way! How do you drive a tuktuk in Africa? How do today's indigenous tribes live? What do they eat there? And what about malaria? Tomík will be happy to tell you many colourful stories accompanied by beautiful, not only drone shots, with humour and a certain exaggeration. Laughter and suspense is accompanied throughout the lecture.